Manuals included in the 3 week diet

Today, The 3 week diet program has surprised everyone who is looking for a better weight loss guide. Many of the people are purchasing the program and utilize to reduce excessive weight. However the people who are thinking to buy this program may want to know what are the things included in that. The following passages will give them an idea about the manuals available in the 3 week diet.
Actually the 3 week diet author Brain Flatt has included four essential manuals in this program and they are Introduction Manual, Diet Plan Manual, Workout Manual and Motivation & Mindset Manual. Each of these books will give the proper knowledge about the weight loss and the methods which are being followed in this process.

3 week diet The Introduction Manual will give the detailed information about the science behind the weight loss and fat burning. It will also educate the people about the diet plans and concepts which can help them in their weight loss.
The next book which is the Diet Plan Manual will reveals the list of food items that people have to take and avoid. This manual is the major part of the program and it will be divided as three parts. Each of the part has to be followed for one week and hence it will take 3 weeks to complete all those parts.

The workout manual will give the information about the weight loss exercises. The main intention behind his exercises is to boost up the fat burning processes. The methods like abs blasters, goblet squat, bent-over row and etc will be very effective and the proper instructions to do those exercises will be present in this manual.
The motivation manual is mainly intended to help the person to be positive and motivated while following the methods in this weight loss program.